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West Village Stairs    


Frank Carbonell started out life with the soul of an artisan. His first job was as a commercial painter. Frank then went on to learn heavy construction when he became a steel worker. Thus, Frank learned early how to make a building aesthetically pleasing as well as structurally sound.

Frank then went on to work for George Keuning. Keuning. was a master at restoring brownstones and primarily worked in Greenwich Village. Frank not only learned how to properly restore Brownstones from Keuning, but also how to understand, appreciate and love these buildings.

When Keuning retired, Frank started his own external restoration business. Frank specializes in restoring wonderful examples of New York townhoms whether brick, marble or brownstone. Frank's business has been in continual operation for over 25 years servicing the major townhome historical districts of Greenwich Village, Chelsea, the Upper East and West Sides as well as Brooklyn.

Frank has the touch and feel of what is needed to restore these wonderful residential buildings of Old New York. Frank and his team also have the knowledge of how to bring these buildings back to their orignal glory while using a comination of new and old techniques. Frank has been successful for over 25 years because he delivers on his promise to restore these outstanding exteriors meeting the requirements of both the homeowner and the City of New York (Building Department and Landmark).